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Our journey

KnowL started as the answer to employees who wanted to learn, but felt belittled, felt lost and were losing their motivation. When our daily personal life is made easier by personal tools, why should our professional life be so much different.

KnowL believes there’s no reason why learning opportunities should be hidden in difficult catalogues, why knowledge should be inaccessible and why development should look like a steeple chase. Thus, we started building a platform that makes learning easier,
knowledge accessible and stimulates personal and professional growth.

We believe it’s our obligation to support not-for-profit charity foundations that focus on learning all over the world by giving out licenses on our platform at minimum cost level. If you feel your foundation may benefit from our support, please contact us.

“The single most important thing that we can do is to make sure we build a world class education system for everybody, that is a prerequisite for everybody for prosperity. That is an obligation that we have for the next generation.”​

- Barack Obama

KnowL unlocks the full potential of the workforce.