KnowL is a web-based system designed to allow you to learn daily. Your profile rapidly grows each time you learn.


Learn by doing. KnowL provides solutions to your questions that you can use in practice. Access fast, reliable and personalised solutions. You may even get the answer before you’ve asked the question – we understand what you need in order to perform.


Learn from each other: follow other groups, share your knowledge, exchange experiences and engage with others. This allows us to learn together and improve as a community.


Search our catalogue for the course that suits you. Apply online and begin learning whenever and wherever you can or attend a course face-to-face with your fellow colleagues.

KnowL is based on three interconnected pillars – knowledge, the community and courses. This enables you to develop and perform on a daily basis and provides all the information you need in one place to allow your organisation and team to flourish.

Hassle-free and on demand solutions available at your fingertips. Don’t miss out!

Designed with proven technology

Powerful & versatile

KnowL delivers a full SaaS solution with tailored results from a large innovative database and cutting-edge search functions. This produces highly personalised results in order of relevance to you, whenever you need.

Fit for purpose

Our solutions are highly usable and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft based software and with our supporting apps. 


Revolutionize your company's knowledge and learning management, Revolutionise your team’s knowledge and performance with KnowL. Don’t fret; we walk beside you every step of the way.



Creating Content

Managing courses

We believe that access to the right information at the right time also needs to be smooth and swift. Integrating our systems therefore needs to be fast and hassle-free. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your digital platform in 20 minutes!